Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Earring Travel Book

When I first had my ears pierced, I did not have a good place to keep my earrings. They ended up in drawers, on the night stand, underneath the bed... Everywhere! One night, I saw a picture of an earring travel book online and thought "I have to make this!"

I have to say, this project was great. It cost less than three dollars to make, and took about half an hour to put it all together. I originally thought I would just use it when I went on vacation, but now, I use it exclusively for my earrings.

I was able to buy everything I needed for this booklet at Hobby Lobby. For the pages, I bought pre-cut sheets of felt that come in 9x12 squares. You will find them in the crafting portion of the store, not with the fabric. Also, I like to use the stiffened felt for the cover, and the softer felt for the pages. 

I punched miniature holes through the pages of my felt to give the earrings an easy, designated spot to slide through. I used a scrap-booking eyelet kit to do it, and it worked great. I've included some written and illustrated instructions for it's construction. I hope you find them helpful!

2 sheets of colored felt
1 sheet stiffened felt
Matching thread
Adhesive Velcro dot
Hammer and eyelet setting tools
Hot glue gun


Cut the two colored felt squares into quarters.

 Cut the stiffened felt into the following shapes.


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